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  • Company: You need to have everything ready before the start of your shift.

    Me: Do I get paid for coming in early?

    Company: No

    Me: Okay, if I’m starting before my shift time then I am going home early to make up for the lost time.

    Company: If you leave 1 minute early we have to deduct an hour from your wages

    Me: leaves

    Company: nobody wants to work anymore.

    Companies have normalised wage theft but call it what it is. It’s theft.

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    I’ll be honest. I really do feel their argument about open registrations is a weak one. Reddit is effectively open registration. The only thing you need on Reddit is an email and then you’re in.

    The moderation tools are a fair point. I really do feel like they really want to make in their eyes a safe space. Which is their perogative but not something I personally vibe with given how much they are deleting and removing. I’ve rarely had to step in as a moderator in the places I run, most people are behaving. One total person I had to ban and they were not from Lemmy.World.

  • I get where the frustration is coming from, it can be annoying to see people take a stand and grow bored because they have to feed that hit.

    A lot of people were never going to make the switch to Lemmy.World or any other instance for that matter. it is asking a lot for those to upend their daily routine. Not everyone is as invested or as understanding. People have a life outside of Reddit and use that to fill that gap in their routine where they need that entertainment.

    That said. This doesn’t help. Genuinely though I think there are good conversations to be had a about becoming less reliant on social media platforms as a whole. Some places are genuinely not good for mental health depending on what you expose yourself to.

    Instagram and “beach bodies” for example. A lot of the younger kids and even adults are growing up with a photoshopped/filtered impression of what a healthy weight looks like. It isn’t entirely the fault of Instagram. This is something that has been reinforced by magazine, celebrities and diet companies for years.

    Some news subreddits are bad because you are taking a lot of “doomed” news. People typically pay attention more to the bad and negative than they do positive things. So having only a place where you see bad things will definitely be really bad for your mental health and make you an overall more negative person.

    I honestly think this is the route of it. Lemmy has less content for me which really does help in terms of it giving me fewer hours to doom scroll. So to be honest I wouldn’t care so much if the growth Lemmy sees doesn’t exceed what we see on Reddit.

    I also think it’s good to be critical of the current state of Lemmy. A lot of admins want better tools on Reddit… Well here on Lemmy. The admin tools are rubbish. They are not very good at all. You have really limited ways to deal with people. There is no Automod at all. So Lemmy needs work, and it doesn’t help anyone to wear rose tinted glasses when looking at this platform as a whole.

    Even the user experience of Lemmy can be daunting. Really feels like new posts should be the thing that is pushed above all else to people as default rather than as Active. Active posts don’t cycle through enough so you are left with content on the front page that grows stagnant overtime. Content is what makes Reddit, a place people actively want to browse.

    Then there is Jerboa. Which as an app it’s okay but not fantastic. It lacks the features of apps like RIF and Apollo and could use work too.

    TL;DR: Make a site that people want to visit. They will try it and stick around. With teasing issues and the current state many redditors are not going to stick around. Social Media in general is a good topic of discussion.

  • Good practice; See a post that might fit a theme sutiable for somewhere else? Cross post it to a place that it suits. You can go to the community and search for a place like “Facepalm” and crosspost it there.

    I have been trying to raise interest for other communities Mildly Infuriating has hit 2.81K members which is staggering, I’m honestly so happy to see it but we still have a way to go. I have every desire to spread the people of the community around as it’s a win for Lemmy and a spite to Reddit. It’s in our interest for the fediverse to explode and grow with content.

    It’s why I’m also advocating for communities to partner with each other. You can place links to other communities that may have a similar theming that other people might like. It would be a great way to offer up more content, and give that much needed love to communities starting and growing! <3