I don’t care what people say, the most important historical event in my lifetime was the discovery and release of the lost Steely Dan tape containing The Second Arrangement

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  • Marcus Aurelius is known for his philosophy and other writings. The name “Marcus Aurelius” sounds like “Marcus or Elius”, which Henry Cavill in the meme mistakes as a choice between two actual people. Not wanting to come across as unread, meme Henry Cavill responds with a boastful affirmative answer. However, because he has not heard of Marcus Aurelius, meme Henry Cavill’s response of “Both” reveals his pseudo-intellectualism, intention to deceive, and insecurity to the interviewer and the audience.

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    More effort for the creator to edit? Possibly isolates audiences unfamiliar with the franchise, particularly those who wouldn’t know that the fish is a newscaster or that the stylized TV is a TV? Also, the wojak is underwater and as a human presumably wouldn’t be able to breathe (boy, I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder).

    I’m also just now noticing that a real life photo of clothes has been edited onto the cartoon wojak. It seems like there’s too much hyperstylization in the visuals in contrast to what is supposed to be a generic idea in the message.