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    I was watching some Critical Role recaps and was in the middle of a deeply intense emotional moment. I had to turn away because I was welling up a bit and looked to the second monitor. A single lemmy message. I refresh. It’s this.

    I cannot stop laughing at both the absurdity of the moment and the intense hilarity of that comment.

    Bravo. Bra-fucking-vo.

  • I don’t really care what you have to say here. You’ve ignored everything I’ve said to try and apply your own bullshit to it and say “be more polite”. This isn’t your world. We don’t have to follow what you believe to be the kindest and most polite way to do something. I didn’t react like it was a personal attack against me, I reacted with frustration. You are the one who actively projected this as an attack against the admins or developers. You are wrong.

    I do not care what else you have to say about this topic. Your opinion doesn’t matter to me, especially when you act based off of it without ever asking for clarification. Your opinion doesn’t get to force me to phrase things in a certain way. Your opinion doesn’t give you the moral highground to lecture me on how to voice my frustration with a bullshit update so bad that even multiple admins from multiple instances behind the scenes are calling this a fucking disaster.

    The internet will not fit to your own personal tastes, preferences, and sensibilities. Cope.

  • Thanks! I fucking hate it!

    I post a lot and chat with a decent amount of people. Because of this I’ve regularly got 20-30+ messages in my inbox. It was bad enough that if I click upvote while typing that it would have deleted my entire message and make me start over. That’s fine. I can get over that. I can just rewire around that and just wait or cut the text before doing anything. What’s driving me fucking insane now is that instead of being able to mark messages as read and refreshing the page manually, the page refreshes automatically after marking every message as read. I have no idea who the hell thought that would be a good idea but it’s idiotic. I either have to mark everything read all at once or suffer through a refresh every single time I mark a message as read.

    The other features and what not I’m sure are great but that is such an enormous downside for me that I’ve barely bothered looking at anything else. Just get frustrated with waiting for a refresh after every message and just going to YouTube or playing a game instead. I’m going to end up just using Boost exclusively for messages, something that just got leaps and bounds better due to threading messages.